::Lemna, Small Plant for Great Purpose::

In recent years, Lemna sp. as one genea of duckweed utilized for many purposes in the world. First, Lemna sp. often used for water purification on water waste treatment because of its ability to concentrate minerals on heavily polluted water. The cells can concentrate the metal compound on his body. Secondly, Lemna sp. can be used as subtitution feed for animal livestock. We can extract many kind of nutrition e.g. protein, fiber, mineral from this plant. And finally, Lemna sp. also can be used as fertilizer on farm. The mineral compositions on this plant can subtitute the UREA manure so we can push down the cost on farming. For that reasons, people now can start to use this Lemna sp. for many kind of purpose.


2 responses to “::Lemna, Small Plant for Great Purpose::

  1. Husna, aku tidak mengerti apa yang kau maksud dengan tulisan di atas.

    Btw, kemarin2 ane baca artikel di koran tentang seorang pengusaha udang yang meng-hire ahli dari ITB untuk meriset tentang bagaimana membuat udangnya jadi gede2. Dan dia berhasil menghasilkan udang2 dengan kualitas sejajar dengan kualitas luar negeri.

    Nah, siapa tau aja ente bisa riset bikin jamur, ato pisang, ato ikan, ato apa kek gitu na yang bisa menambah daya saing rakyat indonesia ini. 🙂

  2. huooo… kirain bakal panjang tulisannya…
    menarik banget kang, kenapa gak dilengkapi aja papernya?

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